HC-205 5 Axis Laser Cladding & Welding System

Our HC Series of lasers offer advanced machine tool design & construction backed by a 50 year history of innovation.

The HC-205 is a precision 5 Axis Laser Powder Fusion (LPF™) Cladding and Welding systems designed for repair or hardfacing of small to medium size Aero or Industrial Gas Turbine, heavy equipment parts and components.

  •  High Precision Laser Cladding for Part
     Restoration and Hard Facing 
  •  Process Reliability 
  •  Omni-Directional Cladding 
  •  Minimal Distortion or Stress (HAZ) 
  •  Reduced Finishing Time

    Inch Metric

Linear Axes

X,Y,Z Axes 

14" x 14” x 14”

356 x 356 x 356 mm


Feed Rate

0-600 ipm

0-15.24 m/min



± 0.0008" / ft

± 0.067 mm/m



0.0008”/ ft

0.067 mm/m

Rotary Axes

C Axis


0 – 40 rpm


Max. Part Weight

50 lbs

22 kg


B Axis


0 - 5.5 rpm

  Resolution   0.001°
  Accuracy   ±20 arc seconds

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