Huffman Delivers First HC-244 Laser Powder Fusion (LPF™) Cladding Machine for Aero Engine Repair

October 18, 2011

Dennis Bray, President of Contour Precision Group, LLC is pleased to announce that Huffman has manufactured the first HC-244, 4 Axis Laser cladding and welding system for an aero engine customer in the U.S.

The HC-244 was shipped in mid-October following a run-off acceptance completed at Huffman’s Clover, SC facility earlier that month.The HC-244 4-Axis Laser is proving highly successful in aero engine repair with its large X,Y,Z travels of 30 x 18” x 20” (762 x 457 x 508 mm) and Rotary “B” Axis that can accommodate a 30” diameter part, and demonstrates exceptional performance in the cladding of various high temperature aerospace materials and alloys.
Laser Depostion Cladding & Welding System
The HC-244 offers unique capabilities and technical enhancements that provide added performance. The bridge design offers exceptional design rigidity and utilizes a synchronized Dual Drive system on the “Y” Axis to eliminate “crabbing” during machining movement.

The advanced HC-244 Laser Cladding system includes an IPG Fiber laser for superior cladding or welding applications and Huffman’s powerful AutoCLAD™ software. The “OA” (Open Architecture) control includes advanced machine control functions that enhance operator usability.

For more information, contact John Longo at 803-222-4561 or click on the image above.

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