Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a key factor in maintaining the productivity gains that your equipment delivers. Downtime is just too expensive!

Minimize Unplanned Downtime
Allows for planning of maintenance resource schedules and avoids resource constraint situations when equipment unexpectedly fails.

Avoid Lost Production
The major effect of downtime is not the cost of repair. Rather, it is the value of lost production. A regular PM schedule is added insurance against loss of production.

Regular PM ensures that all equipment safety features are in working order, helping to guard against injury.

Avoid Large-Scale Repairs
Regular PM can preempt large-scale repairs.

Less Scrap & Rework
PM helps keep equipment performing consistently, day after day.

Preserve Equipment Value Properly maintained equipment deteriorates less rapidly, prolonging the value of your investment.

Reduce Capital Investment
Properly maintained equipment will remain in service for a longer period of time, extending the mean time between rebuilds or replacement.

Parts ordered resulting from a Preventive Maintenance Service will be discounted.

How Often Should I Conduct a PM?
That depends on your particular production schedule. Generally, a PM is recommended every 2,000 hours of run time (see the table below).

PM Schedule (Recommended Every 2,000 hours of Machining Time)
Daily Run Rate Days a Week Hours Week Schedule a PM  
8 hours 5.5 44 Every 45.5 Weeks Yearly
16 hours 6.0 96 Every 21.0 Weeks Every 6 Months
24 hours 7.0 168 Every 12.0 Weeks Every 3 months
The above schedule is based upon normal working conditions usage and may vary by your specific situation.

Daily, weekly and monthly checks as prescribed in the manual should not be neglected between PM events. We are available to work with your maintenance department to design a PM program that uniquely fits your production environment, usually at no extra cost.

Our field service technicians have an average of 16 years experience with Huffman equipment. Servicing Huffman equipment is all they do! All factory resources are available to them as well as OEM parts. Their experience and access to resources assures that PM is executed thoroughly and properly.

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