WJ-155X – 5 or 6 Axis Abrasive Waterjet

Our WJ Series of Waterjet machines offer advanced technology, design & construction and are designed for process flexibility,  capability and reliability.

  • New FANUC 30i Control with Nano Resolution
  • The precision abrasive waterjet (AWJ) process is a higher quality and is a more cost effective process of removing coatings than acid stripping or grit blasting. Reduce Work in Process.
  • Cut Metal Up To 16” (300 mm) Thick
  • Up to 8x Faster Than EDM
  • Eliminate Secondary Operations
  • Excellent Edge Quality (40 µinch Ra)

    Inch Metric

Linear Axes

X,Y,Z Axes 

48” x 24” x 16”

1219.2 x 610 x 406


Positioning Accuracy

± 0.0020”/ ft

± 0.167 mm/m

Rotary Axes

C Axis


10 rpm


B Axis

± 180°

10 rpm


Positioning Accuracy


± 30 arc seconds



30 arc seconds

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